Saturday, 27 June 2009


selecting what carpet is the first thing as this will determine several factors, e.g. which direction the carpet or flooring will run if you have stairs or if the carpet or flooring has a rib and where joins may be. If you have stairs and you have decided to choose a carpet or flooring with a pattern or ribs the weave must always run down the stairs vertically, so make sure when measuring that the rooms or hallways and joins run the same way. Draw a plan of the rooms you want to carpet keep the plans simple you don’t have to sketch in every nook and cranny just the basic shapesWhen you are readty to measure make sure you a very precise use a good quality tape measure measure everything twice or until you are totally satisfied that everything is correct add on at least 10 cm to every length this will allow for the flooring installers to cut the carpet in when measuring take into consideration if the room will need joins and where the seams will be make sure you double check which way the seams will be because some carpet can only be joined in one direction i.e. if you have a ribbed or pattered carpet, this also applies to stairs all patterns and ribs should run vertically down the stairs.make sure you are very careful when calculating out how much carpet you will need if unsure call a carpet company as this will save you money. Now you have your layout star to write down what sizes of carpet you will need never order by square meter this does not work always order by lengths you should by now know the width of your material take this into consideration. start

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